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Want a Free Coffee? Post a list

For Surgeons and their Personal Assistants! I'd like to firstly thank you for your time in reading this post. OpAlert is a completely FREE service offered to Surgeons and their admin staff - no hidden costs! What I am about to share with you will do 2 things.: 1. It...

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How many hours do Surgeons work

How many hours are in the ‘average’ working week for a surgeon! The Royal College of Surgeons represents over 7500 surgeons working in Australia and New Zealand. We all know that medical professionals often lead a busy life. Finding a work-life balance can be...

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Surgical Assisting as a career!

Surgical Assisting as a career! Surgical assisting is a very rewarding career. Doctors with all sorts of medical backgrounds are able to become surgical assistants and it is easier than you think to start this process. Junior doctors that are surgically inclined and...

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Why we need your AHPRA number

OpAlert requires your AHPRA number to register. The reason why this is necessary, is that each account is manually verified. OpAlert prides itself on several key factors: Privacy, The Human touch and Accuracy. We ensure that each person enrolled in OpAlert is a...

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