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Thanks for considering OpAlert as your new app. Our aim is simple – to make it easier for Surgeons, Anaesthetists and Surgical Assistants to connect. We are going LIVE on the 27th of March 2017!

Surgeons – are able to upload their lists if they need to find an anaesthetist or surgical assistant. They can set preferences for who they would like to get so that they work with their favourite people more often. There is even a web portal for their personal assistants and secretaries to do this for them, reducing the time spent doing admin.

Anaesthetists and Surgical Assistants – can receive notifications or search for work on the app. They will update their profile, to include what hospitals they work at, and what times they want to be notified. During these times, they will receive instant notifications of work that needs their help! Anaesthetists and Assistants can log into their apps on iOS or Android at any time to look for what work might be going on in their area.

We go LIVE on 27th of March 2017. For the first month, we are building our team of Surgeons, Assistants and Anaesthetists, before the first cases get posted on the 27th of March. We are looking forward to this time. Until then, we have disabled some functionalities to prevent Surgeons from uploading cases until then.

Stay tuned until the 27th of March. We are offering our current users, a chance to win a bottle of Penfolds Grange for referring someone. Simply ask your colleague to put your name in the referred by field when signing up, and each time you are nominated as the referrer, you will receive one entry.

Also during this time, we will be offering prizes for our best promoters. Simply share our Facebook or linkedin posts, or comment and like our page to go into the running. Our top promoters will be rewarded for helping us at this early stage.

We truly hope you like OpAlert. Please do not hesitate to click SUPPORT to submit your questions or read other answers to commonly asked questions.

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Surgeons that perform emergency surgery

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