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In the private sector, relationships are forged through unofficial partnerships. People finish training together, or meet at a conference and decide that they would like to work together. Sometimes, its hard to find more work, or to be exposed to people in other fields, or networking circles. OpAlert hopes to help anaesthetists and assistants create more long lasting networks through the app.

At OpAlert, we believe that we will create MORE work for anaesthetists who are looking for work. Those anaesthetists who have already gained established lists, and are working with their surgeons on a regular basis may not need OpAlert – however for the cases out there that are emergency cases, or at times when you want to increase your workload because the family is out of town, OpAlert can help.

OpAlert is better than being on call. You don’t need to write off an entire night or weekend just waiting for the inevitable phone call that may or may not come. If you feel like working, you just use the Find Work feature in OpAlert or you log into the app. Once logged in, you will receive push notifications when matched lists come up. To make a match, you need to be accredited at the same hospital as where the list is, and available at the same time (as per your preferences). If you haven’t selected any availability, you can still use the Find Work feature.

For anaesthetists just starting out, or who might want to expand their network, OpAlert is perfect. It is also great for those anaesthetists who work with surgeons who are working at unusual times (Obstetrics, Orthopaedics, General Surgery), or if their surgeon is on OpAlert and likes to work with different people!

We are often asked – will OpAlert reduce my work load as an anaesthetist? The simple answer is NO! It should only INCREASE your workload, if that is what you want!

Many anaesthetic groups use a phone answering service, which then relays the message to the on call person, who then has to find someone else to cover the list if they are already busy. This is time consuming, and leads to lengthy waiting times for surgeons. To increase efficiency for both Surgeon and Anaesthetist, OpAlert was born.

Join OpAlert to find out how easy life can be. And sit back and only work where and when you want to work.

The Big Update

The Big Update

The BIG Update Let us fill you in on where OpAlert is today. When we started OpAlert, we wanted to create a beautiful platform that doctors could call their own – something that saved them time, and provided them value in their practice. What we ended up with, was...

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