Want rapid access to your favourite assistants and anaesthetists in less than 20 seconds?

You spoke and we listened. 20 years of experience as surgeons, anaethetists, and assistants, has gone into developing OpAlert. This comprehensive system is the fastest and easiest method to secure your favourite surgical team at the push of a button. With the ability to personalise your preferences, you can be assured that OpAlert is working for you. Either yourself or your PA can upload the cases/lists with absolutely no cost to you! You will receive regular updates with team confirmations so you know your list is covered!

Time is money, and that’s where OpAlert will help. Saving you and your admin staff time, to spend on the better things in life!

Step 1

Adding a new list, or have an emergency case? You will need an Anaesthetist and Assistant. This traditionally, can take you or your Personal Assistant 30-60 minutes to organize which is a waste of everyones time. Multiple failed phone calls are a thing of the past!

Step 2

Open the OpAlert mobile app or web app, and fill out the details of your new case/list in less than 20 seconds flat! If your list is urgent, it will be prioritised higher to your favourite assistants. You have the ability to add “Gold” and “Silver” assistants and anaesthetists, to increase the chance of you getting your favourite team. You can even leave a note for your anaesthetist regarding any difficult cases. Once they accept the list, you will be given their mobile number to contact if required.

Step 3

You will receive real time notifications as your assistant and anaesthetist confirm their availability. An email is sent to you, and your Personal Assistant/Secretary so everyone is kept informed. Only people that match time availability and hospital accreditation receive your case upload, so your team is ready to work with you!

Step 4

Your team arrives at the hospital and you begin your list. This whole process took less than 20 seconds to arrange! The next morning, you are prompted to customize your preferences, by moving assistants/anaesthetists into ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’, or ‘Blocked’ tiers. Remember, the more you refine this, the more likely you work with your favourite teams!

Lets look at a few common questions…

How much does it cost to use?

Absolutely nothing. The OpAlert platform in its fully featured form, is free for Surgeons, Anaesthetists and Surgical assistants.

What if I don't want to use particular assistants or anaesthetists

Not a problem, just add them to your blocked list and they will never see your work.

I have favourite assistants and anaesthetists - how do I get them more often?

Easy, just add them to your Gold preference list, and they will ALWAYS get the notification before anyone else, making it more likely that one of them will accept.

My case is in 2 hours, can I still use OpAlert?

Of course. OpAlert uses an advanced algorithm to determine how urgent your case is, and will send a notification to your favourite assistants and anaesthetists based on this. An urgent escalation trigger is used when your case is very urgent, which tells the assistants and anaesthetists that you need help in a hurry!

I don't book my own cases, my PA/Secretary does. Why should I use OpAlert?

The work has to be done somehow, and we are confident that using OpAlert will take everyone less time in securing assistants and anaesthetists. Your secretary/PA can log in using your username and password to the web based version of OpAlert and book your case on there. You will be able to see it in your mobile app once its done, and the best part is that you will still receive notifications as your surgical assistant or anaesthetist confirms! I’m sure your PA will thank you, and have more time to do more important things for you!

How does OpAlert work out who gets notified and in what order?

OpAlert uses an advanced algorithm designed to give you the best chance to get the people you like working with. OpAlert matches where you case is, the time it is, and a few other fine details, with assistants and anaesthetists who match the same criteria. This helps to ensure that people are appropriately accredited for your hospital, and are available at the time you are doing your case. Your preference list also helps – with the highest priority given to those you place in your Gold Group, who will always receive your cases/lists within seconds of you sending OpAlert your list details.

I often have to add cases or change start times. Can I still ensure my team arrives on time?

Yes! OpAlert makes sure that any changes that you make to your list is sent to your current team, or updated. Depending on the changes you make, your team will have to reconfirm that they can make the case, and if they can’t, OpAlert will find you a new person to replace them.

I have a regular list and want to keep a team I found with OpAlert, do I have to still use OpAlert everytime?

We would love you to use OpAlert for your regular lists, as we built this system to make your life easier. We understand that surgeons are going to circumvent OpAlert from time to time when its easier to do something else. All we ask is that you let us know from time to time that you still want to use OpAlert, and that you’re having a great time using it. We’d love for you to use the time we’ve saved you to put a few good words in for us on Facebook, or around the hospitals, so we can keep going for a long time. We’re glad to have helped you find a great time!

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