The most Elegant Solution to Surgical Assistant Billing. EVER.

Upload your case in seconds

Lowest cost billing provider in Australia

All from the convenience of a native mobile App.


Step 1

Simply sign in to your OpAlert App. Select OpBill. All of your preferences from OpAlert will be sync’d to OpBill. The first time you use OpBill you will be asked to activate your portal. Click ACTIVATE and you will be billing in seconds! 

Step 2

Upload a new case in seconds! After you have assisted a case, simply open OpBill and select your hospital, surgeon, and item numbers. Your case will be uploaded before the patient has left the theatre. It is really that QUICK

Step 3

Use OpBill to keep track of all of your cases as they are processed and paid. You will receive your $$$ directly into your bank account in days! It’s that SIMPLE

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