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One of the great aspects of medicine, is getting together with your colleagues at a conference, and sharing your knowledge and different methods of practice. All of the long hours of research that has been conducted behind the scenes, now has a chance to come to the surface and be presented in front of leaders in your field.


The upcoming annual ANZCA conference is to be held in Brisbane from May 12th to May 16th. With an excellent academic and social program, OpAert knows it will be a conference not to miss.


OpAlert has been designed for Anaesthetists to be able to access lucrative private surgical lists, all from the comfort of their mobile phone. We will be attending the upcoming ANZCA conference to help answer any of your questions regarding OpAlert and showcase the beautiful simplicity of this product.


And, of course, we will have more entertaining prizes to be won throughout the week, so stay tuned and please approach your friendly OpAlert staff when you see us at the conference! We look forward to working with you into the future!

The Big Update

The Big Update

The BIG Update Let us fill you in on where OpAlert is today. When we started OpAlert, we wanted to create a beautiful platform that doctors could call their own – something that saved them time, and provided them value in their practice. What we ended up with, was...

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