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Being an anaesthetist is an extremely rewarding profession that opens many doors. In Australia, Anaesthetists have the option to work in either the public or private sector, or both. If you find that you have time on your hands and want an additional source of income, then a great way to do so, is to pick up additional surgical lists in the private sector. While these lists can be very lucrative, they are not always easy to acquire without a prior connection to the surgeon.

If you have gone through university with a colleague that has become a surgeon, then approaching this colleague for a regular list may be beneficial. Putting your hand up to cover emergency cases after hours, or surgical lists when the regular anaesthetist is on leave is another viable option. One of the downsides of this approach is that you may lose some of your autonomy in surgical list or surgeon selection.

OpAlert is a highly advanced notification app designed to bring together surgeons, anaesthetists, and assistants, at the click of a button. Imagine if you could be walking the dog in the park, or on the ski slopes in Japan, and your phone alerted you when a surgical list was available that matched your specialty preference, hospital accreditation, and time of availability. All you have to do is decide if you would like to work, and click ‘Accept’, before going back to concentrating on making that 12 foot putt! It can’t get easier than that!

The Big Update

The Big Update

The BIG Update Let us fill you in on where OpAlert is today. When we started OpAlert, we wanted to create a beautiful platform that doctors could call their own – something that saved them time, and provided them value in their practice. What we ended up with, was...

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