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Your RACS ID is your ticket to registering with OpAlert. Without your RACS ID, you may not be able to join OpAlert. OpAlert is designed only for Surgeons, Anaesthetists and accredited Assistants. We take privacy and personal details very seriously, and each application that goes through OpAlert is checked, vetted, and rechecked for accuracy. Part of this process is cross checking who is applying, with their computer IP address, location, drivers license and other details, to ensure that we are getting the correct person joining.

Usually, we can achieve this within hours of you joining, however sometimes it can take up to 48 hours. Don’t despair. If there is an issue with your application, you will receive an email directly from us, detailing what else we might need from you.

To find your RACS ID to signup to OpAlert – there are multiple ways.

  • Find a RACS Invoice (You will have lots of those!). Its listed usually in the top right hand corner.
  • Find a CPD statement. Your RACS ID is listed in the top left hand side.
  • Login to Surgeon.org and locate your RACS ID under your personal information.
  • Call the college of surgeons and obtain your RACS ID (Note personal information may be required to confirm your identity). Phone 03 9249 1200

If you still can’t find your RACS ID, you will have other options, and we will help you join OpAlert using other criteria.

Thanks for using OpAlert – we aim to make your life easier, everyday!

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