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OpAlert requires your AHPRA number to register. The reason why this is necessary, is that each account is manually verified. OpAlert prides itself on several key factors: Privacy, The Human touch and Accuracy. We ensure that each person enrolled in OpAlert is a qualified Surgeon, Anaesthetist or Assistant.

In some cases, we may contact health providers to confirm your details, but generally, we will contact you first via phone or email if there are issues with your application.

Your AHPRA number should be readily available to you on your medical board certificate – check this out, or look for your number within your AHPRA online portal. If you are still struggling, please do not hesitate to submit your enquiry on our support page.

Guide for Surgeons

What is OpAlert for Surgeons? Designed for Surgeons - OpAlert is a free service for surgeons to find surgical assistants and/or anaesthetists quickly and easily. It was created in collaboration between surgeons, surgical assistants, anaesthetists and secretaries. The...

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How to add a surgeon to OpAlert

Introduction OpAlert was designed purely to help Surgeons find help fast. What originally started as a surgical assistant service, grew to what you see now. OpAlert helps surgeons find surgical assistants and/or anaesthetists for their private lists.   What...

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