The fastest and most convenient way to find extra surgical lists at the click of a button

Want to do more surgical assisting to earn some extra $$$? Want the convenience of browsing through a “Find Work” section to select the lists that you want? Sick of paying a company 20-30% of your hard earned income, to find these lists? Download OpAlert now and find more work completely FREE (Yes, completely free)

Step 1

Download OpAlert now and begin scrolling through the cases/lists that surgeons in your state need assistants for. Modify your preferences to change your availability and hospital accreditation, and start matching with surgical lists!


Step 2

Receive real time notifications from surgeons at your accredited hospitals. Open the notification or app and select the lists that you want to assist. Its that easy! You get to choose where and when you work!


Step 3

Not receiving enough notifications? Just open the app and click on FIND WORK to find all of the lists that match your state, hospital and specialty. If you want to find more work, make sure you are accredited in all the hospitals you want to work at, and turn on all your specialty preferences and availability to get instant notifications of upcoming lists.

Step 4

OpAlert allows you to keep more of your money in your own pocket, where it belongs! Make a good impression on the surgeon and they may add you to their preferred GOLD list, making you amongst the first people to receive notifications when lists are posted.

Lets look at a few common questions…

How much does it cost to use?

OpAlert is completely free to use for Surgeons, Anaesthetists and Assistants. Don’t pay a CENT to use all the features of the OpAlert Platform.

Will a surgeon know that I didn't accept their case?

No, you can review all the cases that are presented to you at any time, and decide who, where and when you would like to work. Once you’ve accepted the list, you’re in, but there is no pressure to do so.

What happens if the start time of a case changes?

Your surgeon will update changes to the list if required. You will receive notifications of this via the app which you may need to reconfirm, so make sure you remain logged in. In some cases, when the change is small, you will receive a notification, but you may not need to reconfirm. Please read each notification carefully or refer to your email as changes are made.

I don't get any notifications and can't see any cases in the Find Work section

The most common reason for this is that you don’t match with any of the criteria for an upcoming case/list. You have the highest chance of seeing cases if you are accredited in multiple hospitals, and tick that you’re available all the time. The other reason is that you may not be in the GOLD category for a surgeon. Surgeons can place you into a higher priority category if they want to work with you more often, and this will allow you to receive the notifications before anyone else.

Its OpAlert nationwide?

Yes! OpAlert works throughout Australia.

We’re sorry New Zealand, but we have no immediate plans to open in NZ.

Do you help with accreditation at each hospital?

No, Accreditation is the responsibility of each assistant. You will need appropriate medical indemnity cover, and full AHPRA registration in order to apply to each hospital for accreditation. The accreditation process is slightly different for each hospital, but generally is just a formality. Call the hospital and ask to be put through to the accreditation office, you will receive the appropriate paperwork.

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